Thursday, July 3, 2008

He is died.... I feel said... Michael Turner.....

Do your my words... Dear Humberto Ramos: Guys, I don’t know how to tell this, i believe most of you know already, Mike Turner died last Friday June 27th, 2008.

He was 37 years old, and he IS a real HERO. When you have to fight against the fucking Cancer every single day, and still get up and give life your biggest smile, man you have to have a huge pair of balls to be able to accomplish that. That is the image I will always have of Michael Turner, We knew he was fighting the disease but still, Every single time I was honored to shake his hand or talk to him, always, not exception, his answer was “I’m cool buddy!” behind his tooth paste add smile of course.

You know, Is so damn hard try to write things in which you kinda try to share the feelings you have when a buddy is no longer here, is hard not to curse, hard not to use F words, trying to be quiet and polite, today I can’t, I miss Mike .

Michael Turner, awesome artist, AMAZING human being, died june 27th, 2008.

We all feel sad. We ALL miss him.

Humberto Ramos -USA
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