Thursday, October 1, 2009

My visitors around the World - That´s Awesome!!!!

Current Country Totals Visitors!
1 Oct 2009

Brazil (BR) 693, United States (US) 18, Portugal (PT) 17, United Kingdom (GB) 6, Canada (CA) 5, India (IN) 4, Germany (DE) 2, Italy (IT) 2, Spain (ES) 2, Japan (JP) 2, Belgium (BE) 1, Australia (AU) 1, Russian Federation (RU) 1, Czech Republic (CZ) 1, Singapore (SG) 1, Pakistan (PK) 1, Mexico (MX) 1, Venezuela (VE) 1, Uruguay (UY) 1

Hey friends I know is a little quantity visits to my webblog per day, but I am very excited and greatful because people around the world have remember me and visit my draws always. Near of 20 countries have visited my blog everyday! I am so Greatful so much!!! Thks very Much Folks!!!
Thks very much folks!!!


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